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Carpet Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

A leading cleaning service in Melbourne

Expert cleaning is what we provide at Excellent Steam & Dry Cleaning Service to all areas of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Cleaning Services

Since 2004 a leading cleaning service in Melbourne in Steam Or Dry cleaning of carpet, couch, curtain, rug, mattress, tiles & grout, ducted heating & cooling, car interior seats, exit cleaning in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial premises.

Our Services Includes:

Carpet Cleaning (Steam & Dry Cleaning | Call us on 1300 398 328 )

Vacuuming Does NOT Count As Carpet Cleaning... Seriously.
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We like to think we can keep our carpets clean on our own, thank you very much. We just need to vacuum every month or so and blot when there's a stain... right?

Wrong. What you're likely forgetting (or, if you're like us, what you never knew) is that almost all carpet companies require you to professionally steam clean your carpet every 12 to 24 months, to keep your warranty valid.

Indeed, find out more on our carpet cleaning services & Recent Offer within Melbourne Area click here...

Upholstery Cleaning (Steam & Dry Cleaning | Call on 1300 398 328 )

Restore the freshness, colour and appearance of your upholstered and leather furniture with Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Services of Melbourne�s deep-clean treatments.

Your leather couch, upholstered love seat or arm chairs, dining room and other quality furniture deserves to be treated with the very best care. But sometimes, no matter what precautions you take, accidents happen and your furniture may become stained with spilled food or drink, muddy pets, dripped paint, blood or even just the visible marks of everyday wear and tear.

Our Undertaking also Includes:

  • To provide money back guaranteed highest quality services
  • To help you in moving light furniture while cleaning
  • To use expensive non-toxic chemicals for the safety of kids, pets and pregnant mother
  • On time presence to save your valuable time....
Couch Cleaning
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