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Excellent Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Services | Melbourne

Before start cleaning your carpet, We pay extra attention to the characteristics of your carpet and our expert cleaners have in depth knowledge of the Fiber, Pile, Density, Weight, Texture, Twist and PAR rating of your carpet and only then they apply the best technique to get it done. We provide you 100% Satisfaction with money back guarantee unlike others.

Our Coverage Area | Melbourne

Our cleaners are well trained not only cleaning the carpet but also the construction, installation & style of your carpet which is unlikely with many other company. Our cleaners will have in depth knowledge of following area before employ their machine.

  • Will be paying their expertise attention to the construction of your carpet for example they will be looking whether your carpet is Berber / Loop, Shag / Frieze, Pattern, Plush or Textured.
  • Will be inspecting your carpet's fiber, the main materials that carpet is made of. for example they will be looking whether your carpet is made of Nylon, Olefin , Polyester , Triexta or Acrylic .
  • Will be looking into the piles of your carpet such as whether it is uncut, cut, Saxony Cut, Textured Cut, Frieze Cut or plush pile
  • And even they will be looking into the density, weight, colour & Texture, Twist as well as PAR rating, a 1-5 rating scale for Performance, Appearance and Retention; the higher the number, the more easily it retains its appearance.

At Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Services of Melbourne we know how to deep clean your carpet, leaving it looking and smelling fresh and dirt-free.

Our professional expert cleaners will thoroughly sanitize your carpet every time, giving it the focused attention that is needed to restore the colour and texture of every fibre so that your carpet looks practically as good as the day it was first installed.

The difference with Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Services of Melbourne is that we use a hot water process to extract in-ground dirt and debris – which is far more efficient than other cold-cleaning methods. We also use non-toxic, eco-friendly soaps and other environmentally friendly detergents that are excellent at cleaning and won’t endanger the health of your family, pets or work colleagues.

We are not just an another cleaning company. We care type of your carpet and their possible treatment during our cleaning service. These are the most commonly installed carpet in your home or business premises

Berber / Loop It is the most thicker & denser carpet than all other carpets. It is usually made from wool, olefin or nylon and also it has the highest stain resistant materials, featuring large, uncut loops of natural-tones fibers varying in size and shape. Excellent Steam & Dry cleaning fully aware of this type of carpet and its treatment during cleaning.

Pattern This type of carpet combined with both cut and loop pile. It also allow more options of textures and patterns. The pattern looks as if it's been cut into the carpet and usually features several tones from the same color family. The change in color helps disguise wear and soiling. During carpet steam cleaning an extra attention to the textures and patterns to be needed and Excellent Steam and Dry cleaning always focus the best quality towards this type of carpet.

Plush This is consider to be the expensive carpet in the market. It's closely-packed yarns give a soft, smooth-finished surface that’s elegant, soft and works best in formal settings. Plush carpet can show seams, footprints and vacuum marks. Excellent cleaning has got tremendous experience with this type of carpet and its cleaning. special types of carpet cleaning chemical is needed to get best result and also we suggest spraying Scotch Guard protection.

Shag / Frieze This type mostly used in business and commercial premises with somewhat informal looks and settings. It has short, durable, twisted pile best fit for any busy areas. It's fiber curl in different direction and hence they hide footprints and any common marks. During carpet cleaning special types of cleaning chemicals and additional extra care always needed for this type of carpet and our professionals are fully fit and equipped with that.

Textured This is the most popular carpet with very soft feeling, two-toned yarn with uneven surface give this carpet a causal look. It may be fit able with any rooms. Its tight-twist construction helps resist soil. Excellent Cleaning professionals are fully equipped with this type of carpet cleaning.

Standard Carpet Cleaning Process
  1. We begin by pre-inspecting your home or office carpet, taking note of in-trodden patches, stains and other areas that are going to require a little extra attention for the carpet.
  2. Then we deep-vacuum clean your carpet using our powerful machines that suck up even the most buried of debris.
  3. This is followed by one of our three types of hot water dirt extraction processes depending on the state of your carpet and your personal needs.

We have 3 different methods for our carpet cleaning Melbourne clients:

Standard Carpet Cleaning:

which is ideal for lightly soiled areas and superficial stains. This method concentrates on cleaning the uppermost layer of your carpet surface and we recommend that you repeat it every 3-6 months or more frequently if foot traffic should increase.

Deluxe Steam Carpet Cleaning:

which is excellent for asthma protection. With this method we employ four different eco-friendly detergents to thoroughly deep clean right down to the bottom of your carpet fibres in order to eliminate superficial soiling and light stains as well as in-trodden dust, bacteria, germs and other allergens that can affect your respiratory health. Ideally, we recommend that you repeat our deluxe steam cleaning service every 6-8 months, depending on foot traffic and seasonal factors such as hot dry dusty summers and windy conditions

Super Deluxe Steam Carpet Cleaning:

Cleaning which is exactly the same as our Deluxe Steam Cleaning service with the additional advantage that afterwards we spray your carpets with Scotch Gard. This both protects it from the sun’s ultra-violet rays which can fade and weaken carpet fibres, and helps to repel new dirt, debris and stains from damaging your carpet in the coming years. We recommend that you super deluxe steam clean your carpets at least once every 2-3 years. We also offer anti-static carpet treatments which are very useful for neutralizing the static electricity which may build up in your carpet from time to time due to low ambient humidity or the type of shoes you wear. Static electricity can cause your carpet to attract dust and debris and may even leave you experiencing small electric shocks which are not dangerous but can be uncomfortable. We recommend anti-static carpet treatments for your carpet once every six months or more often when needed, depending on the season and the type of material your carpet is made from.

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