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Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Leather Furniture From Permanent Damage

Leather furniture could be one of the most expensive investments that a homeowner makes in their lifetime. Leather sofas are a fine example of such products, and they are prized for their durability and luxurious looks. If proper care is given and maintenance is done, the leather product can last for a lifetime. However, caring for your leather products is not that complicated as you just need to pay a little more attention to certain details. As times goes by, you will find that it is really simple and worry-free. Below are the most relevant cleaning tips of today that's applicable to most of your leather upholsterers.

General cleaning guidelines

Cleaning professionals recommend owners to wipe their leather furniture on a regular basis. It is important to keep the leather surfaces dry at all times, as dust tends to accumulate over time. If that happens, damage to your leather products is inevitable. If someone spills liquid over your sofa, soak it up quickly with a sponge. If the liquid is sweet or sticky, little amounts of water can be used to clean the affected area. Be warned though, using too much water can cause stains to form. Don't panic if it happens, read on to find out how you can deal with those stains.

Dealing with stains

Any spillage must be dealt with immediately when it happens. You should use a clean and dry cloth to clean up the spill. If the aforementioned is unavailable, a new sponge is a great alternative. Ensure that both sides of the sponge aren't rough enough to cause further damage to the affected area. Even if the contents of the spill are clear water, it will still cause a stain if you are not prompt enough to remove it. Rubbing too hard against a 'softened' leather surface could do further damage. Baby wipes are also not recommended to clean stains on leather.

Do not use abrasives or solvents to remove any stubborn stains or ink. Speaking about ink, there is a misconception that the blue tip of a magic eraser can remove ink, and that is actually incorrect! The blue tip is actually used to erase any pencil writings on cards or papers that have higher paper density.

Mild cases of mold and mildew

You can safely try out the following home remedy to see if it suffices. Pour in a mixture of water and vinegar into a small sprayer and apply it onto the affected area. Once applied, wipe it off quickly to prevent deep soaking. Vinegar is a mild disinfectant and should be able to take out any mold.


Leather, unlike fabric needs to retain its natural moisture and oil or it will dry and crack over time. Hence, always keep direct sunlight off your leather upholstery. The characteristics of each leather type are unique, and certain cleaning products are only suitable for a selected few. If a cleaning agent claims that it is able to clean all types of leather, you know you have to avoid using it.

Always do a spot test first before applying new cleaners or conditioners. Dab small amount of the cleaner onto the leather, in an area that is normally hidden from view. If it doesn't stain or damage the leather, then continue to use it or seek professional advice. Some products that are safe to use are saddle soap, leather cleaners containing beeswax, other wax-based cleaners, and small amounts of neatsfoot oil. Remember, taking care of the animal skins is much like taking of our own skin.

Regular dusting and vacuuming

If one dusts their leather furniture regularly, it is one of the easiest things people can do to retain their leather products in mint conditions. Dusting helps to remove any mold and dust, enabling the leather to remain its vibrant looks rather than a state of dinginess, and it will also help to prevent dirt from getting trapped in its creases.

A vacuum cleaner is another suitable tool for maintaining leather furniture because it can suck up any crumbs and debris that can be hidden in tiny crevices. Do consider covering your leather furniture with lightweight sheets when not they are not in use. This will protect it from dirt and dust from accumulating in previous amounts, making your job easier in the long run.

Seeking the help of a cleaning professional

Sometimes you may wonder if you have done a proper job so far. For example, keeping your leather couches clean. For best results, it is always a good idea to allow professionals to inspect your furniture. From there, you may customize a cleaning package with them that best suits your needs. Their skills and experience, coupled with safe cleaning methods and practices, can retain your furniture's suppleness and natural pigmentation, making it easier for you to do your own regular maintenance and cleaning in the future.

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