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Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne


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Curtain Cleaning MelbourneDon’t walk up and down stepladders or lift heavy fabrics ever again – let Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Services of Melbourne take care of your curtain cleaning for you!

No doubt you regularly launder your sheets and clothes to keep them feeling and smelling fresh and comfortable but how often do you think about the other fabrics used in your home?

Drapes and curtains are some of the most overlooked, difficult and cumbersome items to clean in your home or office. That is why is makes sense to call a Melbourne drapery cleaning company such as Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Services to take care of the job for you.

Curtains and drapes can hold just as much if not more dust and dander than personal clothing and bed linen – not to mention all those dirty footprints from flies, mosquitoes, geckos and other insects and creatures that choose to use your window treatments as a landing strip!

It is particularly important to keep your curtains and drapes free of dust, allergens, bacteria and germs if you or anyone in your family or work team suffer from asthma or other respiratory ailments.

But thoroughly cleaning your drapes by yourself would take up hours of your time. Even if you are one of the few people who actually vacuum your drapes regularly, removing them from their hangings and folding them and taking them to a dry-cleaning outlet would be a long and tedious task.

Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Services of Melbourne’s curtain and drape cleaning teams will keep your home and workplace healthy and odor-free, as well as preserve the beauty and extend the durable life of your fabric window dressings.

With our expert services, you don’t even need to take down your drapes or curtains. Our state of the art steam cleaning equipment will remove superficial dirt, dust, allergens, germs and bacteria from curtains and drapes while they remain onsite, in place at your window.

We offer three basic drape and curtain cleaning methods, depending on the level of deep-clean you prefer:
  • Standard Cleaningis best for superficially soiled drapes and curtains with only light staining. With standard cleaning we concentrate on the removing the surface dirt and grime from your curtains and suggest that you invite us back every 4-6 months to maintain that just-laundered look, or more often as needed.
  • Deluxe Steam Cleaning is an excellent cleaning technique to use in homes and work places where there are people suffering from respiratory complaints such as asthma. Our deluxe steam cleaning method uses four types of non-toxic, eco-friendly detergents to dissolve and remove the external, superficial dirt, germs, allergens and bacteria from your drapes and curtains, as well as the deeper engrained contaminants that have become enmeshed within the fabric itself.
    We suggest that you deluxe steam clean your drapes and curtains approximately twice a year or even more often when weather conditions are dry, dusty and windy and especially if you open your windows a lot.
  • Super Deluxe Steam Cleaning is our Deluxe Steam Cleaning taken one step further. We follow up with a protective layer of Scotch Gard spray to protect your drapes and curtains from the fading effects of sunlight and to help repel any future dust, germs, bacteria and allergens that might be floating in the air.
    Scotch Gard is an excellent product for keeping that just-laundered look for longer and for extending the longevity and visual beauty of your window treatment fabrics.
Curtain CleaningWe suggest you treat your drapes and curtains to our super deluxe steam cleaning every couple of years or whenever they look like they need a little extra loving care. For a no-obligation quote for our drape and curtain cleaning services in the greater Melbourne area please contact our office closest to your location by phoning our:
Melbourne Head office: on  (free) 1300 398 328

Box Hill office: on 0415 321 103

Truganina office: on 0405 216 741

Hillside office: on 0405 216 741

or contact us online.
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Let us help you keep a clean, safe and healthy home. Call Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Services of Melbourne today to look after your drape and curtain cleaning or tackle any other cleaning chore that you have been putting off for so long!
When you call us you are saying goodbye to climbing that stepladder, unclipping your curtains, washing, line drying and ironing them, climbing back up the step ladder and re-hanging them – forever.
When you call for your curtains to be cleaned in Melbourne, you can feel confident to know that your health and well-being are taken into consideration. We know that homeowners do not desire to make more work for themselves, but the need to have a clean, healthy home is vital. Letting Excellent Cleaning take the job on for you will offer you the best of both worlds, so contact us TODAY!
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Very pleasant cleaners arrived at appointed time, commencing work. Both cleaners did an excellent job, showers sparkled and oven like new.
- Sandra Turner (VIC)
Very Comfortable & friendly people to deal with. Brilliant work & fantastic service.
Keep up the good work & thanks a lot.
- Pulin Patel (VIC)
Fantastic prompt service, time was taken to fully explain different cleaning options available and result was fantastic.
- Rob H (ACT)

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