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Everyone who has lived in an apartment knows that if you want your security deposit back, you need to have that rental unit extremely clean when you move out. If you choose to do the cleaning yourself with commercial products, odds are you will not get the full deposit back. This is because you cannot get as much dirt out as professional products. Excellent Cleaning offers a solution with exit cleaning Melbourne packages that are affordable. However, we do not just service Melbourne only, but the entire metropolitan area. Excellent Steam & Dry Cleaning Service cleans your house with high technological advanced machine to save your time, to kill germs and bacteria, and to get brilliant results.
Move out cleaning Melbourne services take care of your general cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning needs. With products that not only clean, but also sanitize, your carpets, blinds, tiled floors, and bathroom will be spotless. You are sure to save money by using a vacate cleaning Melbourne job, because the cleaning will only need to be done once and you will get your security deposit back.
Exit Cleaning Melbourne
If you are an allergy sufferer, you will want to contact Excellent Cleaning to have a move out cleaning Melbourne job run through your new residence before you get there. This will take care of any potential dirt, germ, bacteria, and dust mite that can hamper your ability to breathe even before moving in.


General exit cleaning Melbourne packages includes the following areas:

Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets Cleaning windows and blinds
Deep cleaning of the bathroom, including the toilet Sanitizing of the kitchen and laundry rooms
Cleaning your pools and barbecue pits if necessary Removing any cobwebs
Sanitizing any light switches and door knobs Sweeping and mopping of tiled floors
Dusting everything  

Cleaning Tasks for Kitchen (dusting, wiping, removing oil, grease, food & other stains and moping):

Removing Cobwebs Cleaning cabinets and drawers in & out
Electric Switch boards Cleaning Small Appliances
Cleaning and polishing the sink Cleaning stove in & out grease
Cleaning microwave (in & out) Dusting & wiping baseboards/skirting boards
Wiping Down washer and dryer exterior Clean oven both sides
Cleaning dishwasher exterior Wiping Down Window Sills & Sashes
Wiping down kitchen table Vacuuming and moping kitchen floor
Removing stains/black/greasy marks from the hard floor  

Cleaning Tasks for Bathroom:

Dusting & wiping light fixtures and exhausters Removing Cobwebs
Cleaning cabinets and drawers in & out Cleaning Electric Switch boards
Shower, Tile & Tub Scrubbed Clean Sinks & Counters Scrubbed Clean
Bathroom Fixtures Cleaned & Shined Cleaning Mirrors
Removing soap scum from the Shower Glass Cleaning Toilet Scrub & around
Cleaning & Relining Trash Can Cleaning Baseboards Hand Washed
Dusting & wiping baseboards/skirting boards Cleaning the Floor
Wiping Down Window Sills & Sashes  

Cleaning Tasks for Bedrooms:

Dusting ceiling fan blades (if any) Removing Cobwebs
Wiping Down Window Sills & Sashes Dusting & wiping blinds (both sides)
Dusting and wiping Picture Frames Wiping Mirrors
Cleaning Electric Switch boards
Dusting & Wiping down Furniture Cleaning & Relining Trash Can
Dusting & wiping baseboards/skirting boards Cleaning Floor

Cleaning Tasks for Common areas:

Dusting ceiling fan blades Removing Cobwebs
Cleaning Electric Switch boards Dusting & wiping blinds (both sides)
Wiping Down Window Sills & Sashes Dusting Picture Frames
Dusting & Wiping down Furniture Dusting and wiping Knick-Knacks
Vacuuming upholstered chair and couch Wiping washer and dryer exterior
Dusting & wiping baseboards/skirting boards Dusting banisters & chair rails
Vacuum Steps Vacuum/Wash Floor
Sweep off Front Porch Tiles and wooden floor moping

Cleaning Tasks for Laundry:

Sweep off Front Porch Basin and taps cleaned
Cupboards cleaned inside and out Floor mopped
INDEED we clean all places inside and outside.
Excellent Cleaning is also a great option if you need to have a fast vacate cleaning or move out cleaning service performed. They know that packing up and moving your belongings pushes exit cleaning services onto the back burner so they will worry about that for you. They offer many other services, including air duct cleaning, that can make move easier.
If you find yourself in the need to move from one residence to another, contact Excellent Cleaning to help you with the process. We can offer move out cleaning services not only for the home you are moving out of, but also clean the home you are moving into. You will be able to know that you are leaving a clean and sanitary house behind, and not have to worry about the dirt that you may find in the home you unpack your life at. So, remove at least this one headache from your moving day checklist and call us on 1300 398 328 today!
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Very pleasant cleaners arrived at appointed time, commencing work. Both cleaners did an excellent job, showers sparkled and oven like new.
- Sandra Turner (VIC)
Very Comfortable & friendly people to deal with. Brilliant work & fantastic service.
Keep up the good work & thanks a lot.
- Pulin Patel (VIC)
Fantastic prompt service, time was taken to fully explain different cleaning options available and result was fantastic.
- Rob H (ACT)

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