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House Cleaning Services


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With busy schedules, complicated by work, children, and pets, keeping up with household chores can be difficult. Excellent Cleaning offers a perfect solution with a house cleaning Melbourne service. Our service can be used for moving into new homes, a seasonal get together, and even every day cleaning needs.
Our staff can handle any house cleaning Melbourne need and are experts in details. We can sanitize tile and grout, air ducts, mattresses, and more. We also have professionals that will make sure your floors, walls, counters, and all other surfaces are clean. Kitchens, bathrooms, and even floorboards will be void of dust mites, bed bugs, and any other allergen or asthma causing parasite.
House Cleaning Melbourne
If you have a party coming up, you will be extremely busy planning that party and not have time to make sure your house is prepared for guests. You can count on Excellent Cleaning and our house cleaning Melbourne service to get your floors cleaned, clean your kitchen after you are done, making sure your pool area is prepared for use, and even sanitizing your bathroom. One service that we offer that many other house cleaning services do not is watching your children for you. This will take one more worry off your mind.


Various services included in the house cleaning Melbourne job:

Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets Sanitizing Kitchen
Disposing of trash Cleaning swimming pool areas
Cleaning air ducts Sanitizing mattresses and rugs
Sanitizing bathrooms Watching children
Cleaning barbecue grills Doing laundry for you, including ironing
Complete dusting  
Much more, such as the following: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, any other room, cellar, closet, dining room, garage, hallway, laundry, pantry, balcony, staircase, dining area, window edges, blinds, carpeted floor, hard floor, cupboard, skirting board.
Indeed, we clean every nook and cranny of the house! Just take a look at what we can do for you.

Cleaning Tasks for Kitchen (dusting, wiping, removing oil, grease, food & other stains and moping):

Removing Cobwebs Cleaning cabinets and drawers in & out
Electric Switch boards Cleaning Small Appliances
Cleaning and polishing the sink Cleaning stove in & out grease
Cleaning microwave (in & out) Dusting & wiping baseboards/skirting boards
Wiping Down washer and dryer exterior Clean oven both sides
Cleaning dishwasher exterior Wiping Down Window Sills & Sashes
Wiping down kitchen table Vacuuming and moping kitchen floor
Removing stains/black/greasy marks from the hard floor  

Cleaning Tasks for Bathroom:

Dusting & wiping light fixtures and exhausters Removing Cobwebs
Cleaning cabinets and drawers in & out Cleaning Electric Switch boards
Shower, Tile & Tub Scrubbed Clean Sinks & Counters Scrubbed Clean
Bathroom Fixtures Cleaned & Shined Cleaning Mirrors
Removing soap scum from the Shower Glass Cleaning Toilet Scrub & around
Cleaning & Relining Trash Can Cleaning Baseboards Hand Washed
Dusting & wiping baseboards/skirting boards Cleaning the Floor
Wiping Down Window Sills & Sashes  

Cleaning Tasks for Bedrooms:

Dusting ceiling fan blades (if any) Removing Cobwebs
Wiping Down Window Sills & Sashes Dusting & wiping blinds (both sides)
Dusting and wiping Picture Frames Wiping Mirrors
Cleaning Electric Switch boards
Dusting & Wiping down Furniture Cleaning & Relining Trash Can
Dusting & wiping baseboards/skirting boards Cleaning Floor

Cleaning Tasks for Common areas:

Dusting ceiling fan blades Removing Cobwebs
Cleaning Electric Switch boards Dusting & wiping blinds (both sides)
Wiping Down Window Sills & Sashes Dusting Picture Frames
Dusting & Wiping down Furniture Dusting and wiping Knick-Knacks
Vacuuming upholstered chair and couch Wiping washer and dryer exterior
Dusting & wiping baseboards/skirting boards Dusting banisters & chair rails
Vacuum Steps Vacuum/Wash Floor
Sweep off Front Porch Tiles and wooden floor moping

Cleaning Tasks for Laundry:

Sweep off Front Porch Basin and taps cleaned
Cupboards cleaned inside and out Floor mopped
There is no reason for you to fret over having a clean house. Excellent cleaning wants to make sure you are able to spend time with your family and devote a hundred percent of your attention to their needs. You also will have the ability to go to work rested because you did not have to stay up late cleaning. Our house cleaning services easily save you time and energy, as well as money. We bring our professional grade equipment and chemicals, so you do not have to provide anything.
If you are planning a party, moving, or simply need some help keeping up with your housework, give Excellent Cleaning a call. We will make sure all your needs are met, and our superior service will leave you happy. Feel free to call us on 1300 398 328 at any time and for any need, as we have many packages that can be tailored to suit all YOUR needs.
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Very pleasant cleaners arrived at appointed time, commencing work. Both cleaners did an excellent job, showers sparkled and oven like new.
- Sandra Turner (VIC)
Very Comfortable & friendly people to deal with. Brilliant work & fantastic service.
Keep up the good work & thanks a lot.
- Pulin Patel (VIC)
Fantastic prompt service, time was taken to fully explain different cleaning options available and result was fantastic.
- Rob H (ACT)

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