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Excellent Cleaning - Sofa, Couch and Upholstery Steam/Dry Cleaning Services

Restore the freshness, colour and appearance of your upholstered and leather furniture with Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Services of Melbourne’s deep-clean treatments.

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Our cleaners not only have the expertise in cleaning of your sofa/couch but also they are well familiar of the type, materials they are made, and style of your upholstery / sofa / couch. These are the common sofa/couch you may have in your household and our sofa/couch cleaners are fully aware of their particular treatment that is needed during its cleaning process.

Sectional Sofa/couch cleaning: This type is also known to be the most modern with cutting edge design. This practical design combines end and corner units, ottomans, recliners and/or chaises.
Bridgewater sofa/couch cleaning: This type of sofa/couch is comfortable, elegant and casual in look. It has got low set-back arms and heavily padded cushions. This style may refer to birch-arm or English three-seater as well.
Cabriole sofa/couch cleaning: This type of sofa/couch is mainly old types, and can be days back to 18th century. it has upper portion curving and lower section curving inward and may resemble as S shape.
Camelback sofa/couch cleaning: This one also to be the old one and may date back to 18th century as well. This type has as arched back that rises to a higher point in the middle.
Chesterfield sofa/couch cleaning: This type also may dating back to 18th century as well. This is mainly made by leather and it has also rolled arms, a back with the same heights as the arms, tufting for a quilted effect without back cushions.
English Rolled Arm sofa/couch cleaning: This type may be cozy and it has tight back, soft & generous size cushions, recessed arms and low turned legs on casters.
Knole sofa cleaning: This one may be the oldest one and most classic style sofa. It is recognized by its straight, high back and angled adjustable arms.
Lawson sofa/couch cleaning: It has three back cushions and arms lower than the back (little bit rolled or square). It may be made by fabric, leather, metal or wood.
Mid-Century Modern Sofa/couch cleaning: This type is considered to be the modern. It has streamlined form with low, or often square legs.

Your leather couch, upholstered love seat or arm chairs, dining room and other quality furniture deserves to be treated with the very best care. But sometimes, no matter what precautions you take, accidents happen and your furniture may become stained with spilled food or drink, muddy pets, dripped paint, blood or even just the visible marks of everyday wear and tear.

When this happens, it is time to call in the professionals at Excellent Steam and Dry Cleaning Service of Melbourne. With our state of the art upholstery and leather cleaning service we can remove dirt, stains, unpleasant odors, allergens and other types of pollutant so that your furniture becomes fresh and pleasant to use once more.

Our teams of expert cleaners will thoroughly clean your furniture by hand – not machine – so that we can get into all those little creases, carved areas, and other hard to access places and so remove all visible dirt and debris. We have found that hand-cleaning is far more efficient and successful and gives much better results than a standardized mechanical approach.

We pre-inspect and assess each piece of furniture on an individual basis and customize our cleaning techniques to suit the condition and needs of your particular upholstery or leather cleaning job. For example, leather furniture will emerge gleaming after we thoroughly shampoo it and follow up with a leather conditioner to keep it supple and smooth.

Upholstered furniture responds well to vacuum cleaning with one of our powerful professional machines to remove all loose dirt and particles, followed by pre-spraying with our eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents and hot water steam extraction to lift areas of in-ground dirt and stains.

We make sure to clean up all work areas, leaving your whole premises looking and smelling fresh, hygienic and very clean.

Other steps may include the following:
  1. A drying process that will suck up as much water as possible from the carpet itself

  2. A cleaning process using the best and most environmentally friendly chemicals in order to properly clean and sanitize the damaged carpeting

  3. Sucking up any water that is left from the cleaning process

  4. Finishing it off with a special chemical to protect the fabric or Scotchguard on the carpet, and lastly we dry it completely
Before starting any job we will discuss with you the level of upholstery cleaning you desire. We offer three basic methods, all of which can be adapted to suit your particular needs.
  • Standard Cleaning:

    This is best for lightly soiled upholstery with only superficial stains. This method works by cleaning the top surface of your upholstered furniture and should be repeated very 4-6 months for best effects, or more often in the event of spillages.

  • Deluxe Steam Cleaning:

    This Cleaning is ideal to the best technique to use to protect people who suffer from asthma. With deluxe steam cleaning we use four distinct environmentally-friendly cleaning agents which penetrate the grain of your upholstery fabric and lift both superficial stains and dirt and more ingrained bacteria, germs, allergens and dust that may be noxious to your respiratory health.
    Deluxe steam cleaning service works best when repeated every 6-8 months, depending on furniture use and seasonal variations – for example in dry and dusty conditions you may need to remove allergens and dust more often.

  • Super Deluxe Steam Cleaning:

    This is our Deluxe Steam Cleaning upholstery service followed by the additional protection of Scotch Gard spray. This prevents new dirt and stains from penetrating the upholstery fibres and so prolongs the just-cleaned look of your furniture.
    Scotch Gard also protects against the damaging effects of ultraviolet light and will help prevent your furniture fading from sun glare.
    Our super deluxe steam cleaning upholstery service is an excellent method for prolonging the beauty and durability of your furniture and we suggest that it should be repeated every 2 years or so for maximum benefits, depending on use and wear and tear.

  • Similarly, our leather shampoo followed by leather conditioning service will deep clean, condition and protect your leather furniture so that it looks, feels and smells fresh and clean.

To get more information and even a no-obligation quote for our upholstery cleaning services please contact us on 1300 398 328.

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