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Using Curtains For Private Residences: Best Choices And Maintaining Them

Curtains are usually suspended at the top of our windows to form a protective screen against sunlight, as well as the provision of an added layer of privacy that we all need in a home. Just like a rug or a carpet, curtains serve many purposes. It usually comes in different lengths and styles to suit the requirements of a homeowner.

Nowadays, homeowners tend to install decorative and pleated curtains. The former is made out of heavy cotton material and rosettes can be added to it for extra style. The second is curtains that have equally spaced pleats in them and it allows the fabric to drape out at its end for a luxurious look. If you are looking for such curtains, why not choose between 2014's lists of fashionable curtains for decorative windows? Below are the top 7 choices that most people are using:

Flat roman shades

If you are looking for something that is elegant yet simple, this is the right curtain for you. Flat roman shades can be made with silk, organza and taffeta. While this shade is suitable for any environment, it is best used for rooms that are situated at the lower floors of a residential area. Homes that are built very closely to their neighbors can also benefit from this window. Sometimes your neighbors can see you from their windows due to the close proximity and vice versa. Hence, you need an extra layer of privacy.

Austrian curtains

Austrian curtains are also known as Austrian blinds. Design wise, it is a mix of French and Roman elements. Homeowners can often find the most elegant selections when they choose those that are made out of moire or satin. These curtains come as great additions to any living space that has little furniture. When one decides to use such curtains, it is important to clear away any clutter that may easily obscured the romanticizing effects if the curtain.

Bamboo curtains

It is easily one of the most fashionable and eco-friendly types of curtain in 2014. Its oriental characteristics complement a home's interior in the style of New Art or Art Nouveau. For Bamboo blinds, weight is not the main factor that determines its greatness over other curtain styles. In fact, it is its durability and long lifespan as a product. Homeowners are not required to replace them too often, and it would take some time before the effects of wear and tear are irreparable.

American blinds

American blinds have the ability to withstand the elements from all 4 seasons. These blinds void the use of plastic or fabric, as the aforementioned can be easily damages during sudden weather or climate changes. Instead, adaptable materials such as aluminium and wood are used to construct the blinds. The blinds are great for homes that are subjected to unpredictable weather, as well as a decorative layer to its windows.

French curtains

Some homes have French styled doors and windows, but some homes don't. Some of you may fall into the latter category, and you do not need to change or replace any major architectural features to achieve a French styled interior. With the use of French curtains, you can take advantage of their decorative curls and designs to achieve the look and feel you are yearning for.

Japanese curtains

If you are living in contemporary styled homes, consider going for Japanese Noren curtains. These curtains are originally used in Japanese homes to divide up space in an artistic way. Besides being a divider, a Noren curtain can be attached to a large window frame, as well as a wall for decorative purposes. These curtains can complement any space that's Zen-inspired and their designs include: bamboo, clouds, carps and even the Great Wave (one of Hokusai's famous Japanese print).

Motorized curtains with a traditional style

Motorized curtains give owners the added benefits of convenience and automation. Bigger homes require such curtains as it may be too troublesome to operate conventional curtains. These curtains do not necessarily come with futuristic designs, which might not be compatible with certain interior designs. Owners can choose a fabric of their choice to replicate a traditional curtain, making it look as natural as possible while enjoying the benefits of its hidden abilities.

The importance of cleaning and maintaining curtains

Curtains can collect dust and dander over time, as well as the minute trails of common household pests. If the curtain is not regularly cleaned, it becomes very unhygienic and might even trigger certain allergic reactions in some individuals. Taking the liberty to clean the curtains yourself, may take up a few hours at any one time. Not everyone has that amount of time to spare! Hence, it is always a smart move to call in a professional to do that job for you, while you concentrate on the other important aspects of your daily routines.

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