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What Do People Often Neglect When Cleaning Their Homes?

When it comes to tidying up, some homeowners don't have the time, motivation or energy to get their cleaning routines started. Often, the initial mess will be left unattended and chugged aside when it gets in the way. Habits like these are often short lived as they are not permanent solutions. Soon the dirt and clutter will escalate into an unmanageable level. In order to maintain one's house and keep it clean, owners must cultivate good cleaning habits on a daily basis.

Some people just vacuum and lay their bed sheets, curtains and carpets under the sun to 'air' it. But there is more than meets the eye. Microscopic dirt, dust and allergens from the excretion of dust mites may still remain, even after countless cycles of the above practice. The incorrect use of any cleaning chemicals or solutions may also be the detriment of one's furniture and etc.

While such problems are bothersome and might even leave some homeowners bewildered as they are unable to find a solution. You do not have to stress yourself out because we are going to share with you 4 things that are normally neglected when people clean their homes. Read on to find out more:

Not using biodegradable, eco-friendly or suitable cleaning detergents

We may assume that all our household cleaning products are safe. But in fact, many popular products are toxic! The continual use of such products could bring negative effects to your home, as well as the environment in the long run.

  • How does it damage your leather products?

Cleaning detergents that contain acetone or alcohol are 2 of the main culprits that can cause severe damage to your leather products. There are leather remedies that tell people to use items such as nail polish remover or window cleaners. These items are not able to clean your leather; instead it will bleach and destroy the top coat of your leather product.

  • How does it damage your wood products?

Sodium Hypochlorite can be found in chlorine bleaches, and it is simply listening to bad advice when one uses it to clean wood. Its initial claims of being able to kill off germs and bacteria are quickly obscured, when it creates havoc on the wood surface instead.

You constantly interact with your household products every day, and products that have been cleaned by the wrong cleaning detergents can cause certain allergic reaction to some people. For example, skin irritation or respiratory issues may arise.

Lastly, toxic cleaning products that are non-biodegradable or eco-friendly are bad for the environment during the disposal of its empty bottles and sachets. Sometimes, minute amounts of these toxic substances remain. Once it comes into contact with the environment, the damage starts to take effect.

Forgetting cleaning techniques to remove odour

Some homeowners barely scratch the surface of the problem when they clean their homes. Improper cleaning habits only allow one's home to look clean. But in fact, odours from the previous filth may linger. Hence, it is very important to free your premises of any unwanted pet waste, urine or other unpleasant odours and leave a fresh and sanitary living environment.

Special conditioners for leather upholstery in your home

People often neglect conditioning phosphorous materials, such as the upholstery in their home. Conventional cleaners and conditioners are not suitable for the job because leather products are highly sensitive. If it comes into contact with the wrong solutions, it can become easily cracked or damaged. Avoid using products that contain gloss agents, silicones, or petroleum distillates. Instead, keep an eye out for items such as saddle soaps, leather balms and other dedicated leather cleaners.

Why is it important to keep one's house clean?

It is fairly obvious that it makes a house look clean. It is just like making your bed every morning, straightening out the bed sheets and comforters, as well as the neat arrangement of your pillows. You wouldn't your guests to see an unkempt room right? Having a clean house also allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of increased productivity.

Being in a clean and conducive environment for activities encourages individuals to get more work done. Plus, you get to find what you need without much difficulty. Kids are also able to play in a healthier environment, preventing them from falling sick too easily.

If I'm too busy to do the cleaning, who are the people to look for?

Busy homeowners can always look for residential home cleaners to help with the cleaning. They ensure that all areas, which are often overlooked, are properly cleaned. Cleaning products used also adhere to safety and environmental regulations, so it is simply the best of both worlds. If you want your house to be extremely clean, it is always a good practice to engage their service on a monthly basis. Otherwise, having your entire house cleaned once every two months is also acceptable.

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